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From time to time, there is news about hiking accidents, and I feel very uncomfortable. Among the accidents, there were young and experienced ones. Taking this as a lesson, no matter how short a hike is expected, adequate safety measures will be taken and full preparations will be made.

1. Go out happily and back home safely.
2. Make a comprehensive route plan, including starting point, ending point, rest point, replenishment point, retreat point, etc.
3. Regardless of the length, bring back-up water, food, and estimated replenishment locations, but do not rely on it.
4. Bring headlights or portable flashlights during daylight trips, and confirm that there is electricity.
5. With a USB charger for telephone or headlights.
6. Bring a small amount of medicine, such as pain relief, antihypertensive medicine.
7. When it is raining or humid, rugged trails are not suggested to go.
8. If there is a thunderstorm, you must immediately evacuate the top of the mountain and leave.
9. Don't make dangerous moves to check in for just a LIKE.
10. If you have physical discomfort or take medicine, you should not go hiking.
11. To have basic hiking equipment, the most important thing is a pair of hiking shoes with good grip, no sports shoes or flat shoes.
12. Depending on personal needs, bring a sun hat, sun protection sleeves, a convenient raincoat, and climbing gloves.
13. Choose the route according to your physical abilities, and don't forcefully challenge the difficult trails.
14. Take care of nature, and take away the rubbish by yourself.

  Accidents are always unpredictable, some dangerous may not be considered, you must aware don't standing too close to the cliffs. However, hiking is a pleasure, it seems safe. You should also be alert anytime.

The LORD bless thee, and keep thee:

The LORD make his face shine upon thee, and be gracious unto thee:

The LORD lift up his countenance up on thee, and give htee peace.

(Numbers 6:24~26)


【1⭐~5⭐ Route Difficulty Standard】
1⭐  BB Route (~4k Family Trail) e.g.: Lugard Road, Tai Mei Tuk Family Trial
2⭐  Junior Route (~8k Family Route) e.g. Reservoir Islands Viewpoint, Shing Mun Reservoir
3⭐  Primary Route (~12k Agriculture and Fisheries Department Trails/Clear Barren Trails) e.g.: Ng Tung Chai, Jardine's Lookout Gallery Road Route
3½⭐ Internediate Route(~12k Agriculture and Fisheries Department Trails/More Uphills Downhills/Unclear Barren Trails) e.g.:Ngong Ping 360 Rescue Trail, Shek Sze Shan
4⭐  Advanced Route(~16k Rugged Trails/High Slope/Small amount of Climbing) e.g.: Pak Sin Leng, Kwo Pui Ridge
4½⭐ Half-Professional Route (Rugged Trails/High Slope/Middle amount of Climbing/Lost Trails) e.g.: Sharp Peak, Sai Kau Nga Ridge
5⭐  Professional Route (Climbing Trails/Infinite Uphills Downhills/Large amount of Climbing/Lost Trails) e.g.One-Peak Three-Tsui Four-Bay, Devil's Fist

5½⭐+ High-risk Route (Orienteering in the Wild/Straight Cliff/Bushwhacking/Deadly Dangerous Position)
⚠️ All high-risk routes will be hidden in the list, and hikers in need can search for them by name.
【Official Trail】 refers to the trails with signposts, including four major trails (Lantau Trail/MacLehose Trail/Wilson Trail/Hong Kong Trail) and ancient trails (Tung O/Pak Kong/Lai Kuk Ancient Trail, etc.). In short, if there is a directory sign, it is called "Official Trail." (Difficulty from 1⭐️+)
【Barren Trails】are all mountain trails, recorded, and the route is shown on the hiking map of the Lands Department. It's just that there are no directory signs on the trail, so you have to look at the map to identify the direction. (Difficulty from 3⭐️+)
【Lost Trails】 is a mountain trail that is quite easy to get lost. For example: Mi Au Lost Trail, if you go after the fruit rain, the road will turn into a stream, and the actual path will be completely flooded, making it difficult to distinguish the direction. Another example: Kwai Au Shan Western Ridge, is like walking into a jungle extending in all directions. It seems that you can walk in all directions, but it lacks ribbons to guide the way. There is no designated trail at all. It can only be seen by directional walking for a hundred and tens of meters to see a ribbon. (Difficulty from 4️½⭐️+)
You must wear hiking shoes when hiking. The role of hiking shoes is to protect your feet and provide you with enough grip. Unless you are going to take the 1~2 star routes, because most of the 1~2 star routes are mostly concrete roads, you will always wear mountain shoes.
Everyone has different needs for water. You should decide how many liters of water you need to bring with you according to your physique. Less in winter and more in summer. In summer, individuals are accustomed to bringing 2L-3L water bags and 1-2 spare energy drinks to replenish their energy, while in winter, it can be reduced by half.
1. Fresh water and dry food, backup energy bar (PowerBar);
2. Hiking shoes, Stream shoes;
3. Sun hat, cover, a convenient raincoat;
4. Hand sleeves, gloves, wind jackets;
5. A small amount of medicine, first aid kit;
6. Anti-tan liquid, anti-mosquito cream;
7. Hiking stick;
8. Headlights, flashlights, phone chargers;
9. Lightweight hiking backpack, hiking vest;
10. And a set of shirts and trousers, to be replaced after hiking.
The pre-heatstroke stage is heat exhaustion, the body temperature will rise, a lot of sweating will occur, and the patient will look pale, feel swollen and dizzy. If these symptoms of heat exhaustion occur, the first thing to do is to go to a cool place and open the cover, stop drinking water and cool down. If it worsens to heat stroke, the patient's body's heat dissipation function will be imbalanced, the skin will become flushed, but no longer sweat, and in severe cases, it will become unconscious or even coma.
To treat a heatstroke patient, first take the patient to a cool place, loosen the clothes on his body, and then put a wet towel on the top of the head and under the armpits. If available, it would be ideal to freeze the ice pack. At the same time, open the cover, sprinkle water and remove the cold, so as to help the patient immediately Cool down. At the same time, it will take time for the fire and civil security teams to arrive at the scene for help.
To avoid heat stroke, don't drink water when you are thirsty, always pay attention to your body's sweating situation, and replenish water in time.
Source of information【Hong Kong Fire Services Department
There are an average of 130 snakebite cases in the Accident and Emergency Department each year, and none of them are fatal. Being bitten by a snake will not cause death 99.9%, so please feel relieved.
Among medical treatment cases, green bamboo snakes are the most common, and the color may be difficult to detect. In addition, green bamboo snakes are highly aggressive.
First of all, there are a few things that should not be done:
1) Do not use a tourniquet to tie the bite site, as the body will die.
2) Do not squeeze or squeeze venom out of the mouth or hands to avoid increasing wound infection.
3) Don't even open the wound to administer poison, making it difficult to heal the wound.
4) After bandaging, the limbs should not be lifted like a sprain. If the wound is lifted higher than the heart, it will facilitate the venom to move to the center of the body and cause the whole body to be poisoned.
After being bitten by a snake, pay attention to:
1) Sit down and rest, stay calm, and avoid rapid heartbeat, which will speed up the flow of toxins to the main organs.
2) Keep in mind the characteristics of snakes, if possible, take pictures, so that the hospital can equip a specific serum.
3) Do not wash the wound with disinfectant, but wash it with water and bandage the wound to reduce infection. You can also use a bandage to gently bandage the limbs, not tightly, as this will cause tissue necrosis due to ischemia.
4) Green bamboo snakes are rarely fatal. They may not release venom when biting. If they are confirmed to be green bamboo snakes when they are bitten, they can also go to the hospital on their own.
5) If you are bitten by the more toxic silver foot strap (white and black straight strips) and golden foot strap (gold and black straight strips), you should not walk around, stay calm, call the police for help immediately, and be sent to hospital as soon as possible With serum. The silver foot strap is the most toxic and fatal. The toxin can go through the blood vessels and even the nerves throughout the body within half an hour or generally within 2 to 3 hours, causing breathing difficulties and death.
The green bamboo snake is very similar to the green snake. Many mountain hikers mistake the green bamboo snake as the green bamboo snake.

The "Green Snake" is non-toxic, gentle and non-aggressive. Its whole body is smooth and has no patterns. Its eyes are thin and round and its head is pointed.

"Green Bamboo Snake" is poisonous and very aggressive. It has a white/red-white/yellow vertical line on the left and right sides of the grass green belt. It has obvious scaly patterns. The head is large and the neck is relatively thin. The eyes are mostly yellow or red. It looks like a vertical line like a cat's eye.
Common venomous snakes in Hong Kong, please check the Agriculture and Fisheries Department【List of Hong Kong terrestrial venomous snakes】。
1. Stay away from the top of the mountain first.
2. Secondly, stay away from open areas.
3. Put all the metal items on your body into the bag, including: umbrellas, hiking sticks, hiking buckles, glasses, telephones, mesons, earrings, jewelry...
4. Never take an umbrella, only use a raincoat, otherwise you'd rather get soaked.
5. Do not use mobile phones and turn them off. Because mobile phones have a magnetic field, there is a chance to "attract" lightning strikes even if they are not talking.
6. Do not touch the antenna, water pipe, barbed wire or other similar metal devices.
7. Do not get too close to people, each person is more than 6 meters apart.
8. Look for pavilions, rain shelters or other covered buildings, and stand in the middle.
9. If you are in an open place and cannot find a suitable place to hide, you have to choose to hide under a big tree or next to a big rock and squat on a plastic bag. But don't stick to the tree trunk (try to keep a distance of 3 meters to avoid side discharge), and don't sit down or prostrate on the ground (to avoid electric shock due to potential difference).
10. Lightning will not only hit high places. Whether you are at an altitude of 300 meters or 600 meters, you have the same chance of being struck by lightning. Even if there are tall objects nearby, it doesn't mean you won't be struck by lightning.
11. Being struck by lightning is not necessarily fatal. In case your friend is struck by lightning, take him to a safe place and call the police for help. If there is no heartbeat, first aid should be given in the golden five minutes.

There is no way to avoid being struck by lightning 100%. The method of escape and avoidance cannot be generalized. It depends on the actual environment to make proper judgments. In addition, you can make good use of the Hong Kong Observatory’s fixed-point weather service, including 【One-hour Lightning Forecast】 information can help you stay away from thunderstorm areas as soon as possible.
First of all, the sea of clouds is unpredictable and can only be observed. In fact, where there are clouds, there are seas of clouds, but the height of the sea of clouds is higher than that of Da Mo Shan, so you can't see it. You have to fly to see it.Having said that, there are also scientific factors that can be observed. The sea of clouds depends on the air temperature and dew point temperature. For details, please refer to【The Observatory Hong Kong's upper-air observation】。
Simply put, when the air temperature is equal to the dew point temperature, clouds will be produced. If the height of the clouds is lower than the mountains, you can see the sea of clouds on the peaks.

Take the above picture as an example: the sea of clouds is about 700 meters high, and even the inversion layer is lower than Lantau Peak and Tai Mo Shan. Therefore, the sea of clouds can be seen in both Lantau Peak and Tai Mo Shan, and the sea of clouds is not visible in Tate's Cairn because it is lower than the clouds.

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